Integrative therapy is essential when treating eating disorders, addiction, trauma, and subsequent issues such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD.  As part of Anue’s comprehensive treatment, Dana, as well as the rest of her team, offer individualized services to align with the client’s needs in order to provide them with the best care.

Dana and her team offer specialties including:


Adolescents have complex issues that differ from adults. Amanda Keenan brings her experience to the team, specializing in young adults and adolescents

Family therapy:

When treating adolescents and young adults, it is important to support not only the client, but the family as well.  Anue aligns with family therapists who provide Contextual Family Therapy.


Many clients struggle with complex trauma.  Dana is certified in EMDR therapy, which  allows clients to work through their experiences, relieve related symptomology, and allow them in live healthy and productive lives. For more information on EMDR please refer to the EMDR Institute at emdr/.