At Anue we take an integrative approach to assisting individuals with their addiction by addressing one’s whole lifestyle in relation to substance abuse, alcohol and eating addictions. We don’t just focus on addiction; we assist our clients in all aspects of their health and well-being in order for them to live a balanced and full life.

Many individuals who are struggling with addiction may suffer from a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, loss, trauma or other personal matters that contribute to difficulty giving up their addiction. At Anue we aspire to get to the route of the problem in order for the client to be able to resolve underlying issues and gain new and healthy coping skills that will allow them to be able to deal with their problems without their addiction.

Many individuals who struggle with addiction do not care for themselves from a health and nutrition perspective. Poor nutrition can intensify feelings of withdrawal, fatigue, depression and anxiety and lead to chronic health problems. At Anue clients learn about foods and supplements that can help with these and other symptoms as well as how to implement healthy eating in order to improve overall health, feel more energized and sustain a healthy body weight.

As one gains their mental and physical health we can then look towards the future. Collaboratively we work with clients to strengthen their foundation, implement new lifestyle changes, set long terms goals and find meaning without their addiction – with recovery comes self-discovery.

Dana Wells, owner of Anue, is also employed at Summit Behavioral Health as an addictions counselor and can assist in helping individuals who would benefit from a higher level of care and or get medication management if needed and be with the client every step of the way through their recovery.

To find out more about our addiction program please contact us.