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*Please check with your individual plan to see how you are covered for nutritional counseling.

Services – Out of Pocket

Nutrition Counseling:  Initial Session $200.00

Assessment with Recommendations: Includes a 1-hour appointment with a Registered Dietitian, a MedGem® metabolic analysis, food intake analysis, personalized plan, and The Simple Guide To Meal Planning booklet. We will establish a personalized nutritional plan and goals.

Most major insurance plans are accepted. We will work with you to obtain insurance coverage.

Nutrition Counseling:  Follow Up $135.00 per 45 minutes

Follow-up sessions will keep you on track with your Nutritional goals. We provide education on label reading, strategies for healthy living, recipes, menu planning and more.

Nutrition Counseling:  Follow Up $90.00 per  1/2 hour 

For those who have already gained enough knowledge from their hourly nutrition visits and just need consistent support.

Therapy:  $150.00 per 50 minutes

Individualized therapy sessions based on client needs.

EMDR Therapy:  $150.00 per 45 minutes

Individualized therapy focused on trauma.

Metabolic Analysis:  $80.00

Learn your metabolic rate. MedGem® metabolic analysis with interpretation provides clients with their baseline metabolic rate.  One’s baseline metabolic rate is the number of calories an individual currently burns in one day.  With this information, a meal plan can be made specific to the client’s individual needs.

Shop With Your Dietitian:  $80.00

Learn how to navigate through the grocery store, read labels, identify food allergens and choose the right foods.

In-Home Visits for Kitchen Makeovers:  $150.00

We will provide in home visits and pantry makeovers to help you organize your kitchen and clear through confusing labels and nutrition information.

Please note the following:

*Payment is expected at time of service in check or cash*